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Non-Prescription Pain Relief

Action Chiropractic carries the CBD CLINIC Level 5 Pain Relief Stick, the only FDA-registered topical non-prescription formulated with cannabidiol (CBD).


Why use CBD CLINIC Pain Relief Stick? 

Tumwater CBD Pain Stick

CBD CLINIC Level 5 Pain Relief Stick is a highly-effective treatment for muscle and joint pain.  The Pain Relief Stick treats pain topically, targeting the painful area, versus oral medications that can have side effects.  CBD CLINIC Pain Stick does not enter the bloodstream. 


Why use CBD CLINIC brand over other CBD products?

FDA Oversight - All CBD CLINIC products are registered with the FDA and are made in an FDA-audited facility.  This is important because it helps ensure the highest quality controls in raw ingredients, manufacturing and packaging.  This includes independent verification of the quantity of active ingredients in every batch made – so you can be assured of consistent product effectiveness.

CBD CLINIC is the first and only family of FDA-registered topical non-prescription medications formulated with cannabidiol (CBD)

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