Digital X-ray

Action Chiropractic uses advanced diagnostic and treatment options to ensure that patients get quality chiropractic services. In an effort to keep up with the evolving trends, we now use digital radiographs that fulfill some of the shortcomings of traditional film x-rays. While it was effective in helping us come up with a diagnosis for our patients, the traditional x-ray method was not absolutely safe for either our patients or even the planet. However, with digital radiographs, there is less exposure to radiation, which is good for our patients and it also does not require a film to be developed, thus minimizing wastes to the environment. More importantly, digital x-ray helps rule out serious injury, allows us to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and develop the most effective treatment plan for your condition.

There are several other reasons why our clinic opts for digital radiography over the traditional one including:

  • Safer for our Patients
  • Faster Processing Time
  • Better Image Quality
  • Better for the Environment
  • Higher Quality of Care

Chiropractor Tumwater Digital x-ray

Chiropractor Tumwater Digital x-ray

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