Custom Foot Orthotics

Good Health Starts With the Feet!

All of your body parts are connected and affect one another, and your feet are the foundation. Your entire body is supported and balanced by your

Custom orthotics

feet. If your feet are pronated (as 99% of all people's feet are), your body will suffer – starting with either the knee, hip, or back.

Custom orthotics help with issues related to walking and alignment, including knee, foot, and lower back pain. They can help to realign the bones in the foot and ankle, and take stress off other parts of the body, such as the back, neck, shoulders, and hips. Custom foot orthotics also cushion your feet, provide comfort, support your arches, and evenly distribute your body weight to eliminate pressure on your feet.

Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics uses 3-D scan technology to show how imbalances in the feet lead to problems throughout the body.  That data is used to fit you with orthotics for YOUR feet.  Foot Levelers Orthotics come in models that fit work, dress or athletic shoes and match the contours of your feet precisely.  Over­-the-­counter shoe inserts available at most drugstores lack the custom­-built precision of a prescription orthotic. These ‘one­-size-­fits­-all’ inserts rarely match your feet well, or provide the customized support you need.

Interested in incorporating orthotics into your treatment plan? Call to schedule a complimentary foot scan and discuss how custom orthotics might ease your discomfort.

Custom Orthotics

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